Zoë d'Hont

  1. Tamesis, River Thames, Dark River from Zoe d'Hont on Vimeo.

    A publication that translates the water of the Thames by using a self-initiated circular wavesystem

    Publication (a3 format) first edition available (€50)

  2. Publication part of the installation "Water as sound" drawings and photos, 2016. First edition available (50)

  3. I made a small publication called 'Being inside looking outside', 2016. Second edition available (25)

  4. I wrote a text for a publication from Margriet Kemper titled "Vrijdag proefde ik het leven". Seven days life&art, 2015. Read my text here.

  5. I made a small publication titled "Vloeistof", 2014. Download pdf here. Out of stock

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