2017- 2019 Master Artscience, KABK The Hague

2010-2014 Bachelor Fine Arts, AKV st Joost Den Bosch

2008-2010 Conservatoire, classical piano (prof. Martyn van den Hoek), HKU Utrecht


Lives and works in Rotterdam

Zoë d’Hont (1990) has a background in music, visual arts and art science. Composition, the placing of visual or sonic material, is her starting point. In her work she investigates how people experience space and place, how they move through it and how they relate to it. Her site specific installations and performances are a counterreaction to the current trend of disconnection and extreme fluidity in the experience of time and space. By collaborating with the architecture of a place and introducing ritual and delay, the perception is shifted to here and now, providing room for silence and contemplation. In her work she aims to create a moment in which time, place and the mind synchronize.

Due to her background in classical music, and with that reading sheet music, Zoë has become interested in the concept of “notation”: interpreting and performing a specific language or system. Since then she has been investigating the possibility of including notations as a methodology in her art practice. Studying, interpreting and performing compositions, language systems and instructions require a certain concentration and respect for the things that are there. Autonomous eloquence and authorship do not necessarily arise from originality and renewal, re-situating and reenacting the existing can evoke this as well.

Huiskamer van de kunstenaar - De Bouwput, Amsterdam
Symphony of a Thousand Frogs - Reprise, Japanese cultural centre Shofukan, Rotterdam
Symphony of a Thousand Frogs, KumagusukuSAS, Kyoto
Silent Serenade: Materialized Sound, Willem II fabriek, Den Bosch
Noise Spectrum (solo),, Haarlem
De Negatieve Selectie, Willem II fabriek, Den Bosch
This Art Fair, Kromhouthal, Amsterdam
Collective Contemplation, ..ism Project Space, The Hague
Transcend Biology, Mom Art Space, Hamburg
Collective Contemplation, initiative from Ying Liu
Groot Rotterdams Atelierweekend, Kunst&Complex, Rotterdam
Festival de Oversteek, Nijmegen
Jump!, Cacaofabriek Expo, Helmond
Popmonument, Sint Gertrudiskerk, Bergen op Zoom
Nine Bells (solo), Hilton Art Lab, Rotterdam
Open Studio's, Stichting Kunst&Complex, Rotterdam
Locating ArtScience #2 Children of the Space, The Grey Space in The Middle, Den Haag (Satellite Programme of Todays Art Festival)
Graduation Festival, KABK, Den Haag
Unexpected Smells, Elektriciteitsfabriek, Den Haag
The Cage Event, Koninklijk Conservatorium, Den Haag
Insight on outside, Cloud Danslab, Den Haag
Noititeper, de Fabriek, Eindhoven
Impermanent Signs, Mom Artspace, Hamburg
Wissel 849, de Aanschouw, Rotterdam
Rotterdam Open Doek Filmfestival, Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam
In het midden, TAC, Eindhoven
Grenswerk, van Abbehuis, Eindhoven
Grenswerk, Artspace Flipside, Eindhoven
Grenswerk, Galerie bridget Stern im Kunsterlaus FAKTOR, Hamburg
Vrijdagavonden van Gogh Museum, i.s.m. Barbara Langendijk, Amsterdam
Vaaggrond, Veldhoven
Vers!, Derde Wal, Nijmegen
NXT Pictura, Dordrecht
Eindexpo AKV st Joost, Den Bosch
That´s not the shape of my art, Bosche Kunsthal, Den Bosch
Leerling-Meester #4-Hedwig Houben, Kunstpodium T, Tilburg
Selfservice, van Bleijswijckstraat 16, Tilburg
Project Baksteen, van Bleijswijckstraat 16, Tilburg
Open Source Expo Incubate, Koepelhal, Tilburg




Participant of Jump! Talenthub 2021-2022

Cloud Danslab, Den Haag

Grenswerk, Tripkau, Germany

P-af Performance Art Centre, St. Erme, France


Tuin No(ta)ties, Master Thesis, 2019

Vrijdag proefde ik het leven, 7 dagen kunst&leven i.s.m. Margriet Kemper, 2015, read the text here

Vloeistof, Bachelor Thesis, 2014, read the text here


Royal Department Master Award 2019 (nominee)

Royal Academy Master Award 2019 (nominee)

Royal Conservatoire Award 2019 (nominee)

Kindly supported by Stichting Niemeijer Fonds, Jump! Talenthub Brabant, CBK Rotterdam

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