Zoë d'Hont

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    • 28 december 2017 De Aanschouw, Rotterdam
    • 4-7 january 2018 Mom Artspace, Hamburg

  2. Tamesis, River Thames, Dark River

    Tamesis, River Thames, Dark River from Zoe d'Hont on Vimeo.

    On March 13, 2017, I was standing on the Westminster Bridge in London to study the waters of the Thames.While watching the river, I got two different impressions of the water. At some places the river was muddy, but not really opaque. It was like multiple layers of turbidity slid beneath each other. At other places the sun shone brightly on
the water, creating a dancing game of color and light. But there where the sun was not reflected, the river was equally impenetrable and mysterious as its turbid variant. The dark, fathomless character of the river became a sequel when an attack was made on the Westminster Bridge a week later. The attack made me study the history of the bridge and water more closely. The water is formed by every incident and because of that every moment different streams are visible on the surface of the water.

    On March 22, 2017, a woman jumped from the Westminster Bridge, exactly where I was staring down at the water. The woman fell into the water during the terrorist attack being committed at that moment by a man who entered a crowd with a car. The woman did not survive the attack.

    On March 29, 2017, a woman jumped from the Westminster Bridge, in response to the attack the week before. She survived.

    On October 16, 1834, the Houses of Parliament were in flames and fire. J.M.W. Turner made two paintings and a watercolor of the fire, with the Westminster Bridge, the Thames and many spectators in front of it.

    On January 21, 2006, a northern bottlenose whale of five meters in length died in the Thames, she was lost there. Her natural habitat lay far north of Scotland and Ireland.

    These four events, all about life and death, that have all taken place aside Westminster Bridge, the river Thames and it’s ever moving water, have inspired me to study that water by making drawings of the various shapes the water takes as it passes Westminster Bridge. I made eleven drawings. Nine drawings are based on journalistic pictures, the subtitle and source are attached. Two drawings are based on William Turner paintings,
of which information is also attached.The water has been shaped by the living and the dead. The dead, the remnants and the helpers themselves are omitted, they act as silence. Each drawing is accompanied by a rhythm-notation based on a schematic representa- tion of a wrinkling, circular wave. Everywhere the drawing touches the lines, a point is noted, resulting in a rhythm pattern. I’ve added a time element, a pointer, to execute the format. Circle for circle, from inside to outside (from the core to the effluent) the piece is executed. Every circle continues resonating into infinity.

  3. Loveletter to my piano

    Dearest piano,

    you let me think

    you let me be in control

    you let me as soft as possible

    you let me as strong as possible

    you let me feel

    you let me imagine

    you let me be delicate

    you let me be precise

    you let me see connections

    you let me be simple

    you let me think I don't need anything else

    you let everything disappear

    you let everything appear

    you let me be patient

    you let me be rythmic

    you let me speak in silence

    you let me be clear

    you let me be proud

    you let me dare

    you let me be without size

    you let me be without matter

    you let me disappear

    you let me feel satisfied

    you let me see the complex

    you let me have a melodic voice

    you let me be dissonant

    you let me live

    you let me live memories over and over again

    you let me feel temperature

    you let me use every part of my body

    you let me repeat

    you let me struggle

    you let everything vibrate

    you let me feel tired

    you let me feel pain

    you let me have words

    you let me be speechless

    you let my body dance

    you let be touch, the high and the low

    you let me be grounded

    you let me slow down

    you let me be natural

    you let me feel contrast

    you let me make mistakes

    you let me feel light

    you let me close my eyes

    you let me trust

    you let me be creative

    you let me be open

    you let me be subtile

    you let me love

    you let me realise it is only because of my own limitations that I sometimes hate you

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